Reviews taken from our own guestbook. Note no names are included for privacy. The reviews are ordered by time, from the most recent to the oldest.

"Thank you for letting us stay at your house. We had a wonderful time skiing. I like that the kitchen and living room were upstairs. The black and white theme in the living room was pretty."
"We had a great stay at your house for our annual O'Reilly Stowe Vacation. Skiing could have been better this time. We finally figured the stove out."
"We enjoyed staying in your house for our 5th annual PSU ski trip. This was probably the nicest house we have stayed in over the years. Stowe is also a fabulous town, and we were able to enjoy Cabot, Ben and Jerry's, and the Cider Mill."
"We loved staying in your beautiful cozy home. Stowe has always been my favorite place to ski and visit. It was great to relive my memories and have my children gain new experiences. Your decorating style portrays a feeling of warmth and kindness. Your handmade curtains are beautiful! We look forward to staying in your home again in the future."
"The house is beautiful. The fireplace is amazing. It's not far from the mountain. Thank you very much."
"This place is so amazing! The view and basically everything is amazing. I have to say that after skiing for about 3 hours it was nice to come to a warm, beautiful house that is comfortable for my kids. Thank you so much!"
"Thank you for the awesome holidays. The house is beautiful, the weather was great. We came here from NY city and had a great time!"
"Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us! It was a wonderful place to spend our Christmas! A winter wonderland in a perfect setting!"
"We are from a small two-horse town from central Connecticut called Wolcott. We have been visiting and staying in VT for many years. We love the natural beauty and rural farm-like characteristics of this area. What to do? Where to go? What to see? VT is a land of wonderment, your only limitations are your imagination... but don't stop there. Wednesday, we climbed pinnacle summit back in Stowe, what an amazing and arduous hike, but the views - WOW! Worth every step. Thursday was a relaxing six mile river walk followed by an enjoyable dinner at Norma's at Topnotch. Friday, Waterbury Dam - Richter History trail where Russian immigrants came to this county in VT to tame the wild rivers. Oh - yes, the house is wonderful! A wonderful location to call home base to explore this wonderful region. We can't wait to come again or as they sprecht in Deutsche - "nicht schelt diese haus!""
"We had a wonderful week. The baby had fun in the living room because of its big open space. We ate well, drank well and really enjoyed our family vacation. Your home is very pretty and so is Stowe and all its surroundings. Thank you for your hospitality!"
"Fantastic Time. Your house is great and the view is amazing! Stowe rocks!"
"Vermont doesn't get any better than this! A hidden treasure. Glad we ran away from home."
"Thank you, what a great place - loved the skiing, the area and your beautiful home! We are here from Connecticut and thoroughly enjoyed our skiing vacation, first Mont Tremblant then here! Does it get any better? Just love Craigs List! We will be BACK..."
"Thank you for your wonderful and comfy accomodations! Renting from Boston with our babies in tow. We enjoyed our stay. Skiing was fantastic and the snow fall during the nights got us pumped up for the trails. We look forward to coming back!"
"Well, we had a wonderful time. Great skiing and a snug little house for the evenings. Many thanks from us all and good luck with the business. I'm sure you won't be short of guests!"
"Thank you for a wonderful place to stay! Nothing beats sitting by a warm fire while the snow falls outside. The house was very warm and comfortable, and really felt like home while we stayed. Cooking big family dinners and eating and laughing around the table was made more enjoyable by the beautiful view from the deck and the spectacular Christmas tree. In three words I can (try to) sum up how amazing this trip was: I like! If 2008 is half as great as the last week of 2007, I'm in for an unforgettable year. We had record snowfall for this time of year. Apparently there hasn't been this much snow since 1930! I had a solid 3 days of riding which was unreal - I love this mountain. What a great holiday, thank you so much and keep living the dream!"